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June 13, 2020

Howdy everyone.  It's been awhile since I've posted.  But to make up for the absence, here are a 2 new free downloads.  Click the links below to check them out.  One is of Temple Crag in portrait orientation which would work great for phone screen savers, the other one is my first free panorama of the Palisade Glacier that would work great for computer desktop or TV backgrounds

May 4, 2020

Howdy!  I hope everyone is keeping their head up out there.  I know I am going on, I think it's eight weeks of shelter in place orders.  I'm getting to know my local areas even better than I ever did before, and I'm finding a new appreciation for having some places I can visit nearby that make me feel like I'm surrounded by nature.  I'm not going to lie though, it's been rough too.   I miss planning for summer backpacking and hiking trips, I miss exploring everywhere that California has to offer in the spring, from the ocean to the mountains.   I miss spending those with friends too.   

It will be okay, we'll come back from this, and I know we'll appreciate those little moments in life that much more.  I've been enjoying finishing up lots of unfinished projects both around the house and in Fro's World.  One of those unfinished projects is editing the hundreds of photos I took back in 2017 on my trip to the Palisade Glacier.  I edited several of them a few years ago and recently went back to see how many more I'd like to edit from that trip.  I only have a few more to go, and you can see all of them below.  Enjoy!!!

Until my next post, stay safe, stay sane, and just breathe.   

April 14, 2020

How is everyone holding up out there?  

I know that since my last post, the world has been turned upside down, people who love the outdoors like us have been asked to stay inside, and the world within four walls seems pretty restrictive.  Like all of you, I am dying to get outside, take a long drive, see some scenery, camp under the stars, and go on some adventures.  It can be tempting to just want to pack up the car and go for a drive to a small, remote town and "social distance" yourself somewhere further away from home, but now isn't the time to be going too far from home.  We just need to stay the course for a while longer.  

Traveling to small towns could just put undue stress on their communities, overcrowding trailheads defeats the purpose of social distancing, so let's take the time to stay a little closer to home and practice an exercise in patience.  Nature and the outdoors isn't going anywhere, and when we get back to those places we love, it will be like we remember it, only we'll have a newfound appreciation for it.  

I read a quote awhile back, and I don't recall it word for word, but it went something like this,

"nature takes its time, it never rushes anything, yet it always is moving forward, everything is as it should be."

Let's take a moment and remember that and let's try to be just as patient as this planet we live on.  Take some time to stop, admire your own neighborhoods, watch the flowers blossom and bloom, and you'll realize that even in this upside world, in nature, everything is as it should be...

...And hey, if you're dying for some nature, just browse around my photo galleries to get a taste, start researching your next trip, and take a breath, because this too shall pass.

One of the benefits of this shelter in place order is I am finally getting caught up on all these pictures I never took the time to finish editing.  So, I'll leave you with some photos from a new gallery I just uploaded.  It's full of images from Bodie, California. An authentic, old west ghost town.  While our cities may seem like ghost towns, we're still a long way from this.  Enjoy. 

March 22, 2020

Howdy everyone!  Are you all staying safe and sane out there as we navigate this COVID-19 situation?

I've been doing my part to practice social distancing, while still getting out into nature to explore.  In fact, one of the great things about getting out and hiking in nature is everything in nature is normal right now.  The season is changing into spring, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and streams and rivers are flowing.  It's just like any other March from the perspective of Mother Nature.  That's one of the things I always enjoy about my time outside.  It puts life into perspective.  It's okay if life slows down, if it changes for a bit, enjoy it, make the most of it, and realize that actually everything in this moment is how it should be.

Of course, more time inside means more time to edit photos.  Here are a few of my more recent uploads.

Stay tuned for more!  I'm going to do my best to try to share new photos with you all.  While we're all stuck inside, I'm going to do my best to bring you a few more pictures from outside, where everything is as it should be.  Enjoy!

Evolution Creek and Evolution Valley

December 9, 2019

It's almost winter!!!  I can't believe we're only about 2 weeks away from Christmas.  This year has flown by.  

I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to focus on being grateful.  I've been so lucky to have experienced so many beautiful places, people, and emotions.  I am so thankful for anyone, everyone, and everything that has touched my life.  If you are someone who is getting caught up in the winter blues or holiday season stress, take a minute to stop, breathe, and just be thankful.  I think you'll find it helps put everything else back into perspective.

As a way of saying thanks to all of you, I've updated my Free Downloads to a couple of photos from last winter.  I think that of all the moments I've been thankful for in my life, the moments I experienced when taking these photos has to be one of, if not the best.  Enjoy!!! 

November 9, 2019

Can you believe it's already November?  Where did the fall go?  Although for those of us here in Northern California, it feels like September or October weather.

If you're starting to feel ready for the holidays or if you want to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way early, why not make a one-of-a-kind holiday card out of one of my photos here on Fro's World?  I just added a greeting card option to all my photos, so now you can do just that!

To give you an idea of what you can do, see some of the mock-ups below.  Once you find a gallery or photo(s) that you like, click on the photo and then click "buy."  From the next window, you'll see an option down near the bottom that says "greeting cards."  Once you click there, you can pick any number of different styles.  Within each style are different overlays, different greetings, the option to go vertical or horizontal, and lots of other customizations.  Play around with it until you find the perfect holiday card.  

A great gallery to start with for inspiration is my "Winter Photos" gallery.  If you need any assistance or need help with some mock-ups, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to help. 

October 21, 2019

Guess what???  I've got something new to share with all my viewers, and best of all, it's FREE!!!

For years my close friends have all had the benefit of me sharing some of my images with them to use as a screen saver, wallpaper, background, etc. on their phones or computers.  Well, now you can have some too!!!

I just created a "Free Downloads" gallery.  This gallery will be updated regularly with one landscape and one portrait orientation photo.  These photos will be available for free download in that gallery until I post the next ones.

If you want to stay up to date on when I post new free downloads, follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) or sign up for my email list by providing your email in the section provided here (right below the menu bar).

Here's one of the photos you'll find there now.  I picked pictures that are appropriately themed for the Fall months.  Enjoy!!!

October 14, 2019

Are you enjoying this beautiful fall weather?  So far, this fall in California has been amazing!!!  I took off last weekend to seek out some fall colors along California's Highway 395, and it did not disappoint!!!

If you aren't familiar with Highway 395, it stretches from north to south along the eastern side of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range.  It's easily one of, if not my favorite highway in California.  In the fall, it's one of the best places to see some fall color.  From 395 you can access Yosemite National Park via Highway 120, you can hike into Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, as well as many other wilderness areas, and you can experience lots of small mountain towns like Lee Vining, Bridgeport, June Lake, and Mammoth Lakes.

I highly recommend taking a drive along Highway 395 sometime, any season is gorgeous in its own way.   If you want to check out the fall colors, I keep in the loop on where colors are changing by following  They do a great job keeping you up to date on where the colors are peaking.  In fact, if it weren't for that site, my road trip last weekend would have probably not been as successful.  Some of the pics from that trip are below, and I'd say it was a success.  How about you?  

September 30, 2019

Well, it's officially Fall around Northern California.  If you follow the local news, you'll know that Lake Tahoe got their first significant snowfall of the season over the weekend, the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin patches are opening, and so winter must be right around the corner.  

Fall is usually an interesting time for me.  I like the fact that trails are less crowded and it's not as hot out when I'm out hiking.  The temperature is kind of a love/hate thing though.  Unfortunately, the cooler temps also make backpacking more difficult without warmer gear, and most of my equipment is primarily designed for spring and summer use.  The shorter days also make it harder to go backpacking and cover a lot of miles each day.  Nonetheless, I always try to squeeze in at least one last backpacking trip this time of year before I switch to car camping along the coast while I wait for ski resorts to open.  

For many reasons, accepting the change in seasons this year was harder than years past.  I think one reason is that I had such a fantastic vacation at the end of August that it felt like summer was just getting going in full swing.  With the heavy snowfall this year, a lot of hiking at higher elevations didn't start until August, so the shorter hiking season and late summer vacation made it feel like I blinked and summer was over.  Also, there are some differences in my personal life this year when compared to last fall that I think is also causing me some apprehension about the changing of the seasons.

Over the weekend, I read a motivational quote though that helped me get into the right headspace to accept the changing seasons.  It said, 

"The biggest lesson I learned this year is to not force anything; conversations, friendships, relationships, attention, love.  Anything forced is just not worth fighting for, whatever flows flows, what crashes crashes.  It is what it is."

This quote stayed with me all weekend and as I pondered it during my workouts, meditations, and other moments over the weekend, I realized I'm really fighting the change in seasons this year and that I've been trying to force the summer to last, I've been trying to force things to be like they were last year, and overall just not moving on from some of my own attachments that were causing me to be stuck in a specific place.  The change in seasons is inevitable, just like changes in life.   As opposed to fighting these changes, I should just flow with them and accept what is.  So today I am turning over a new leaf (pun intended) for this Fall and am making a conscious choice to embrace the change in seasons and in life.  I'm focusing on living in the moment, making the most of each day, and I'm going to go out and make this the best Fall yet!  

Here are some of my all-time favorite Fall photos, let's see how many more great Fall memories I can create this year.

September 8, 2019

Last week I got to go on a "redemption" trip that turned out to be one of my best backpacking trips ever!

If you don't know what a "redemption" trip is, it's a term I use where the first trip didn't go as good as I expected so I go back to seek "redemption" and give myself a chance to have the experience I was looking for the first time around.

Back in the summer of 2015, I attempted to do the South Lake to North Lake Loop in Kings Canyon National Park.  It's a loop that is one of the most popular loops in the entire Sierra Nevada because of how beautiful it is.  This trip has everything you'd expect in the Sierras; valleys, ridges, alpine scenery, meadows, lakes, rivers, and streams.  It's got everything amazing about the Sierra Nevadas packed into one week-long trip.  The only problem was that on our second day a fire started nearby ruining the scenic beauty of the rest of the trip.

Longing to go back and experience the beauty how it was meant to be seen, I set off this summer without reservations and hoping I could get permits secured for the trip only this time I wanted to go from North Lake to South Lake.  The opposite direction.  After the wet winter we had, I knew that this summer the mountains would be in one of their most beautiful states and much different than the hazy gray and dry experience I had four years ago

I'm happy to say we secured the permits and I got to experience 7 days and 6 nights along one of the best journeys in the entire Sierra Nevadas.  Here are some pics from each day of the trip sorted in chronological order.  Stay tuned for more amazing photos from this trip and also a detailed trip report.  Until then, enjoy some of the pics below.

Me on Piute Pass- 2019

Me on Piute Pass- 2019

In the John Muir Wilderness

August 12, 2019

Wow, this summer is going by fast! I haven't been posting much because I got a late start on hiking and backpacking season waiting for all the snow from this winter to melt.  Pretty much every weekend since late June has been spent hiking, backpacking, fishing, or planning for my vacation.

If you want to know what I've been up to, check out my Summer of 2019 gallery and you can see some of my photos from this summer.  Below are a few images from that gallery.  Once things start to wind down, I'll add some more posts and info on what I was up to all summer.  Until then, get outside!!!

Looking for old blog posts?  You can access the archives below.

*** In full disclosure, I receive compensation in exchange for advertising for some of my favorite gear.  However, I only comment and advertise for products that I have used extensively, believe in, and continue to use.  The opinions expressed here about my favorite gear are my own and have been determined through my own personal experiences with the product.

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