Views of Yaquina Head and the lighthouse

Jeff Driscoll


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About me...


My name is Jeff, but my friends call me "Jeffro" or "Fro" for short.  The nickname comes from a job I had when I was 18, and my boss used to call me "Jeffro Tull."  For some crazy reason, it stuck and has been carried on by friends both new and old... and now with all of you.

Around the same time I was given the nickname Jeffro, I also went on my first backpacking trip to climb Pyramid Peak.  Pyramid Peak is one of the tallest mountains in the Lake Tahoe Region and growing up in the Sacramento and Placerville area; it dominates the skyline when you look East.  As a result, I always dreamed of standing on top of it.

While growing up, my parents took my brother and me camping every summer to the mountains and coastline of California, Oregon, and Washington, along with some trips back to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  My love for the outdoors grew with each trip... and when I turned 18 and started planning my outdoor activities, backpacking was near the top of that list, along with skiing.  The more time I spent in the mountains... the more they called to me when I was away... and the more I wanted to return.

I have also always had an "artistic" side or some creative outlet.  In Junior High School and High School, it was drawing and art.  In college and for many years after that it became playing, producing, and writing music.  Playing and recording music led to an opportunity to play in a local rock band which consumed most of my time for exploring the outdoors.  In my mid 30's I began skiing and backpacking again.  That was all it took to rekindle my addiction to the outdoors. The one difference was that now I had a compact camera and was taking pictures of all my outdoor adventures.  Little did I know at the time that this would become my next creative outlet...

What is Fro's World?

That's a great question???   Keep checking back and watch it unfold.   

For now, I am hoping that it is a place where outdoor, adventure, and photography enthusiasts can come together for inspiration, ideas, etc.   I also hope that it can provide information on places to go where you can explore the beauty of nature and/or take some incredible photos and have some amazing experiences.  Last, I hope that I can, at least, provide you with a small idea of what these places feel like  and inspire you to experience them for yourself and to do your part in keeping nature, natural.


P.S.  There is this constant, internal struggle I have showing the world all these beautiful places because I know how damaging human beings can be to the natural world but then also know there are people like me who will go out and leave no trace.  I hope though that by inspiring others to get outside, you will be as passionate as I am about keeping them free of any trace of humans and that you will go and leave them as you found them.  For more information on how to leave no trace, please visit  

*** In full disclosure, I receive compensation in exchange for advertising for some of my favorite gear.  However, I only comment and advertise for products that I have used extensively, believe in, and continue to use.  The opinions expressed here about my favorite gear are my own and have been determined through my own personal experiences with the product.