The Neve Glacier and the North Cascades seen from the Thornton Lakes Trail

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March 13, 2022

This weekend was rainy in Northern California, like most of the winter.  To clear some space off my hard drive, I was looking for old, unedited photos from previous trips that I had forgotten to edit.  I stumbled on these from Big Basin Redwoods State Park in 2018 before it was hit with devastating wildfires.  I haven't been back since, and I realized that these photos would be the last photos I got to take where it looked like this.  The park has been closed since the fires in 2020, but I believe it's slowly re-opening.  No matter what, it won't be the same for a long time.  Enjoy these photos from back in time.  I'll try to add more over in the future.

Until then, enjoy the new gallery!

March 11, 2023

Hello everyone!  Long time no post, I know!   Last year was an interesting year.  My pet of 10 years, Pablo, came down with cancer in April, not long after my previous post, so most of my time was spent caring for him and sneaking in adventures when I could.  Unfortunately, he passed away last year, and so now I'm getting back around to editing my photos from some of the adventures I was able to sneak away to.  Today for your pleasure, I have a brand new Joshua Tree Gallery with pictures from my trip in late March last year.   Enjoy!   

March 21, 2022

Welcome spring!  After my trip last spring to the Southwest, it wouldn't feel like spring without another trip to the Southwest.  I never thought I'd enjoy the desert as much as I liked the mountains and the ocean, but I was blown away by how amazing the desert can be.  So guess what, I'm going back this spring!  This time, I will focus on some more hikes in the Grand Canyon, Zion, and other slot canyons.  Then on the way home, I may swing by Valley of Fire.  Here are some free downloads from last year's trip to commemorate my new spring routine.   

October 25, 2021

Last week I was busy talking about hanging on to backpacking season.   But after this weekend's storms, I think it's time to start thinking about winter hiking and snowsports.

One of my favorite places to go hiking in the winter is Mt. Tamalpais State Park.  Once the winter rains start to fall, these become lush rainforests full of cascades, waterfalls, creeks, and streams.

One of my favorite hikes in Mt. Tamalpais State Park is taking the Ben Johnson and Bootjack Trail loop to Muir Woods National Monument and back.  click here for more info