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Middle McCloud Falls in the moonlight

April 22, 2017


I wanted to take a minute today to say Happy Earth Day and remind everyone of the importance of taking care of our planet.  If you want to get involved in taking care of our planet, go to www.earthday.org for more information on how you can help ensure that the outdoors stays beautiful for us and all of our planet's inhabitants.  

Also, please don't forget that if you want to get outside and enjoy nature to follow leave no trace principles.  It always amazes me at how I can hike 10+ miles to a beautiful location and still find trash left behind by inconsiderate human beings.  Take a minute to pick up your trash and while you're at it, pick up anyone else's trash that they left behind.  If we all do our part, we can make sure that our wild areas remain wild and beautiful for generations to come.

Remember that for beautiful creatures like those below, the outdoors is their home.   You wouldn't want someone leaving trash in your home.  Thanks!

April 17, 2017

It's been awhile, but I'm back and with some good news!!!

I recently sprained my toe pretty bad cleaning up around the house.  What a lame injury to have to slow down and miss the last weekend of the ski season at Kirkwood.   The good news is that gave me time to finish recording some tutorial videos and also finish editing a lot of photos!

Tutorial Info

I've been talking about a tutorial video to show you how to use Aurora HDR 2017 for some time, but it's finally here!   The image below is the first photo I edit in the tutorial, and you can see the entire process by watching my Aurora HDR 2017 Tutorial Parts 1-3 on the Tutorials Page.   I'll be working on Parts 4-6 soon so keep checking back.   In the meantime click the Aurora HDR banner for more info on how to get Aurora HDR 2017 and learn how to use it by watching my free tutorials.  You'll see it is really easy to create fantastic looking images.  Use coupon code "FROSWORLD" at checkout for 10% off any regular priced Macphun software purchase.   

New Galleries

I also just finished uploading several new images and galleries.  Check out the Recent Uploads Gallery for all recent uploads.  To see my last backpacking trip of 2016, visit the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness Gallery.  This trip was beautiful with all the fall colors but would be an equally good early season trip.  Stay tuned for a detailed trip guide for this hike.  Last but not least, how have I never had a Lake Tahoe gallery?  Well, I have one now.  This gallery will have pictures from around Lake Tahoe but will not feature any taken in wilderness areas.   

Stay tuned for more tutorials and some new Destination Articles with some great spring hikes!!!     

February 26, 2017

Wow, where has the time gone.  It's almost spring.   It's hard to tell in Northern California with the amount of rain and snow we have gotten so far this year, but it will be March before we know it which means spring is right around the corner.  I've been enjoying the excellent skiing conditions but am starting to get that itch to do more hiking.  Last weekend I had a chance to do just that.  

Early last Saturday morning, I took my brother to the airport in Oakland.  I decided that since I would be in the area, I should explore an area in Marin that I had wanted to explore for awhile, Muir Woods National Monument.  Muir Woods has very limited parking, and I always heard you had to get there really early to get a parking spot to avoid the crowds.  I arrived at Muir Woods around 8:00 am and got one of the very last parking spots.   They weren't kidding, this place does fill up fast.

After parking, I set off for the visitor center.  It costs $10 per person to enter the National Monument.  The main trail through the monument is raised boardwalk or paved trail, and it was packed!  Luckily, once you went a couple of miles, there were options to leave the main boardwalk and enter nearby Mt.  Tamalpais State Park.   I was so excited to get on some muddy singletrack and have most of the place to myself.

I ended up completing a 7.5-mile loop through some of the most beautiful redwood forests I have seen in the Bay Area.   The recent rain had every nook and cranny flowing with water and the light filtering through the forest canopy was fantastic for photography.   I'll be posting a destination article on the entire hike shortly, but until then enjoy some of the pictures from my Muir Woods Gallery by clicking one of the images below.

January 23, 2017

Wow, winter is off to a great start, isn't it? I can't believe how much water and snow we have received already and it's only January. It's great news for the drought, and a larger snowpack will make summer backpacking so much more fun and beautiful!

The rainy days also helped me get caught up on some editing from last summer's trips. To catch up on all of my most recent uploads, check out my "Recent Uploads" gallery below or on the"Galleries" page. Enjoy!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot. I'm getting really close to releasing my first free tutorial. In it, I will edit three photos and show you how easy it is to use Aurora HDR 2017 for all types of photos. Stay tuned.

Recent Uploads

January 16, 2017

It's funny, every January when the ski season is in full swing is also around the same time I have to start thinking about my "big" backpacking trips for the summer.  By "big" I mean trips where the permits can be harder to get.  Most permits in the Sierra Nevada can be reserved no more than 6 months in advance, so January is when I like to start thinking about getting permits for any must-do trips for the summer.   

Recently, while researching trips on The Outbound Collective, I stumbled on another article by Garmin titled, "25 Badass Backpacking Trips."  I thought this would be an excellent way to get some new trip ideas, and it was!  It had trips from all over the world.  However, what was most surprising was finding out that trip number one was none other than my very own Mt. Whitney trip.  Kind of cool, and I'm glad that others will have an excellent resource to use when planning that trip.   For more info on the article and other badass trips, click the image below.  Oh, and if you haven't already signed up for The Outbound Collective, you should!  That way you can save all sorts of great adventures to your profile for easy viewing.  It even has a mobile app you can use with GPS to help find adventures nearby.

January 8, 2017


Hello everyone and happy belated New Year. I know it's been a long delay between posts. I was taking some time off to celebrate the holidays with family and friends and also getting over a nasty cold. Of course, there was also some skiing, hiking, and exploring mixed in.

Did anyone make a New Year's Resolution involving photography or the outdoors? If so share them in the comments section below. I know I did. I vowed to go back and re-hike the North Lake to South Lake Loop in Kings Canyon National Park. I completed that loop during the summer of 2015, three days after summiting Mt. Whitney, but unfortunately encountered very thick smoke and horrible conditions for most of the trip. It made some days just plain miserable and also it was terrible for photography conditions. What few photos I could salvage I'll be posting throughout this year leading up to my hike. I'll be making reservations in the upcoming months and will have a specific trip date to plan for very soon.

The North Lake to South Lake Loop is a quintessential High Sierra Hike that embodies everything that is great about the Sierra Nevada Range. It has been a bucket list item for years and even though I crossed it off two summers ago, I feel it wasn't experienced the way it was meant to be. It's been nagging at me every time I start to edit photos from that trip and know what it could have been, so I'm going back for redemption.

Speaking of bucket lists, Garmin GPS Devices recently published an article on The Outbound Collective titled "The Ultimate Backpacking Bucket List for California" and four of my hikes were featured on that list!!! As you know, I've been publishing my "Destinations" on The Outbound Collective and it was an honor for Garmin to feature them in their article. Click any of the links above for more info or click on the photos below to read them here on Fro's World.

Stay tuned for more photos from last summer's adventures!!!

*** In full disclosure, I receive compensation in exchange for advertising for some of my favorite gear.  However, I only comment and advertise for products that I have used extensively, believe in, and continue to use.  The opinions expressed here about my favorite gear are my own and have been determined through my own personal experiences with the product.