The Neve Glacier and it's surrounding peaks

December 15, 2015


I took this picture in November at Caples Lake near Carson Pass.  This year after several years of drought, I had the earliest day of the ski season that I can ever recall.   I got to go the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it looked like this!!!  

You can find the picture in a new "Winter Pics" gallery.   In fact, this photo was even edited with the intention of being used for my Christmas cards this year.   It was the first time I did white vignetting around the outside of the image, and it turned out great!!!  

...Did you know you can buy Christmas Cards using any of the pictures on the site, including this one???   Now you can have a one of a kind Christmas card.   Just click "buy" below the images in the galleries and see what options you have.   Check it out!!!                

This picture is also one of the first pictures I edited where I added Trey Ratcliff and Macphun's new Aurora HDR Pro Software to my workflow, and so far I love the results.  It's my new toy that gives all sorts of new ideas when creating a final image.   

Anyways, enjoy!!!

Peace, Joy, Love


November 22, 2015

Hello, Everyone!!!  You'll notice lots of things changing and under construction on the site over the next few weeks. I'm looking for an official re-launch around the New Year but will be adding some posts here and there over the holidays as I am adding to the site.  However, the site is fully functional as is and you can feel free to buy any images you see on the site.     Stay tuned for more...