Flowers on the shore of Moraine Lake

July 3, 2021

Two months ago today, I was in the Grand Canyon doing one of the coolest hikes I've done in years! Coolest may be the wrong word. It was the desert, and it was hot, but not as hot as going in the summer. LOL. To commemorate this moment, I just posted my first-ever hiking report from outside of California!!! The hike is the Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point. If you ever visit the Grand Canyon and physically you can take on a pretty demanding hike, I highly recommend this one. They say you can't really experience the magnitude of the Grand Canyon until you descend below the rim, and I totally agree.

For a complete trip report, including links to download a GPS course to your GPS device, photos, and more, click here.

Below is a timelapse video of the hike so you can get a quick idea of just how amazing this hike is!