Half Dome from Sentinel Bridge

Fields and fields of flowers

Spring Cleaning

Hello, my friends!

Long time no posts, I know.  

What can I say, the last year was a strange year, but with the coming of spring this year, I have renewed optimism. Finally, there is hope that we are emerging from this pandemic and starting to see signs of "normal" returning to our lives.   I made the personal choice to get vaccinated, and I am happy that I did because it gave me the peace of mind to start feeling comfortable planning to travel again.

With this renewed excitement for travel and planning, I'm back to planning adventures early in the spring.  While I've been away, I booked trips to The Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, and the North Cascades.  Enough adventures to keep me busy for quite some time!  And that's just the beginning!  Stay tuned for more updates.

With all the renewed focus on travel, it inspired me to give the site a small facelift. Here are some highlights of the changes...

News / Blog

- A redesigned news page with blog posts, recent uploads, seasonal recommendations, and other site-related news and updates.

Hike, Photograph, Explore

- These three words summarize what Fro's World is all about.  

- Check out the Hike Page for your one-stop hiking shop.  

- The Photograph Page is where you can buy photos, view photos, see my gear list, and watch tutorials.

-The Explore Page is where you can explore lots of different topics and ideas.  It also will feature travel guides for various places non-hiking related.   Just like me this page will probably always evolve.